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25 Years
Of Experience In Yarn Processing Industry.

Candle Threads is one of the largest producers of embroidery threads in the world producing around 100 million spool of thread per year, that is enough to cover the earth around 6570 times.

100Million Spools of thread
every year
150 Unique Colours
per day
3000+ Satisfied
100 Products
Certified Premium
Quality in
8 Countries

Currently we are serving in 8 countries, and with our quality and services, we are trying to become leading global provider of Embroidery thread.

Plethora of Colors
Candle thread is on a mission of becoming market leader in embroidery threads. Through our customer feedback we are constantly trying to innovate our product line.
Viscose Rayon

Candle Buraq Viscose Embroidery Thread is made from the finest raw materials. With its softness, lustre and flexibility, buraq is an ideal choice for beautiful embroidery. The superior construction and finish allows for exquisite machine performance and optimum stitch quality. Available in different thicknesses.


Candle Hadid is a polyester embroidery thread engineered to achieve excellent lustre. Hadid has excellent sheen, strength and abrasion resistance. Characterized by superior chemical resistance, color, bleach and light fastness, this thread is suitable for embroidery in commercial and industrial applications. It offers a superior break-free performance on high speed embroidery machines.

Dull Viscose

With a unique matte appearance, the thread offers a traditional look that is suitable for embroidery in commercial and industrial applications.

Textured Polyester

Bightly-coloured Lumiya is a great choice for designers who require striking colours. This thread provides a unique look to embroidered articles both in terms of colour and texture. The thread works seamlessly on high-speed machines, bringing economy to the embroiderer. Available in different thicknesses.

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Our Customers Love What We Do
Sana Safinaz
Candle is our reliable partner for almost a decade now, they fulfill our need for embroidery thread in an efficient manner.
The flexibility, candle brings in styling and designing industry is exceptional, especially the brightly colored Lumiya seeks great attraction of designers, who look for striking colors
Gul Ahmed.
Gul Ahmed Recognize Candle as a value business partner who is providing best quality along with the best variety of Embellished outfits in thier products range to cater the needs of customers. Candle also has the role in Gul Ahmed value addition products.
Zero tolerance attitude for quality, makes candle our first choice for every type of embroidery and sewing thread, with extraordinary range of colors in every category.
Muhammad Mahdi Khojasteh
Working with them from almost two years now, they successfully meet all our requirements without any complain of quality and quantity, their efficient system makes easy to communicate any order or special requests regarding shades or packaging.
We have been using candle thread for last 20 years, and haven’t faced any problem so far. There is no thread breakage while running on the machine or any other kind of problem, an exceptional brand in all aspects.